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Our clients have achieved visibility seemingly beyond the reach of a modest PR budget. "You must be doing a great job," one financial analyst told us. "This company is getting far more publicity than it deserves." That may or may not be true, depending on one’s point of view. But we took it as a compliment.

The point is that for far less cost than even a small advertising program, these clients have had their products, services, executives, and customer stories covered by television, radio, wire services and the business and trade press.

Priorities vary, and therefore success comes in many shades. Here’s a sampling of client successes that we helped achieve, with links to some recent examples.

EXTOL International

  • JR Wood Reduces Data Errors with EXTOL's UCCnet Solution
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  • Escalade Sports (NasdaqGM:  ESCA), a prominent sporting goods products and equipment manufacturer and distributor, uses Extol business integration software to help the company meet its long-standing initiatives of operational efficiency and order accuracy.
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LiveData, real-time integration and data visualization technology for healthcare, electric power distribution, and discrete manufacturing.

Gilian Technologies (now part of Breach)

  • G-Server web security appliance designated "best buy" in SC Magazine’s comparative test among 6 products…each of which was lower-priced than Gilian’s (proving the truism that, at least with security, you get no more than what you pay for).
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ProactiveNet (now part of BMC)


  • "Radar" virus alerting system received regular coverage in business media such as Reuters, CNN, information technology media, and Silicon Valley newspapers.

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    Click here for typical coverage, Computerwire Breaking News (CBR).
  • Company was featured in trade press, as well as on the television show Silicon Valley Business News. Feature on NPR was accomplished through affiliates in Silicon Valley.

QSM Associates (Quantitative Software Management)

We could go on, and on. But you get the point: your story deserves to be told, somewhere. And, we can help vendors hone the message and bring it to the right audience.

The tools that Ed Bride brings to the table have been developed since he became an IT administrator in 1969, and soon thereafter joined Computerworld.
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