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Gilian Technologies’ G-Server Declared "Best Buy"           
In SC Magazine’s Evaluation of Web Security Products             

IRVINE, CA – The G-Server web application and content security appliance from Gilian Technologies has been designated "Best Buy" in a competitive evaluation of web security products. Conducted by West Coast Publishing’s laboratories and published in the August issue of SC Magazine, the test concluded that the G-Server is "a most complete and effective way" for customers to protect their corporate web presence.

Gilian CEO Dr. Avi Margalith said, "Earning the distinction of ‘best buy’ underscores what our customers have known all along: Gilian provides superior technology that pays for itself the first time it comes into use. The G-Server was evaluated directly against several other approaches, and each fell short. With our unchallenged reputation for dependability, the ‘best buy’ title provides another vote of confidence; we are honored to receive it."

SC Magazine’s Geoff Marshall wrote that the G-Server is "completely transparent and requires no changes to any network settings on other network equipment. It has no IP address visible to the outside world, so is undetectable by hackers." Furthermore, the G-Server "protects even dynamic content that is generated by web applications (usually scripts) in response to user requests."

As a result, G-Server has been 100 percent successful in preventing corrupt applications from being executed and defaced content from being served.

A company’s website is its "shop window," Marshall wrote. "Defacement of your web site may detract from your company’s credibility, as well as losing business and customers. It could lead to unwelcome high-profile publicity. People will think that if you can’t secure your web site, how can you be trusted with confidential business transactions? Your competency as an internet business comes into question."

As a result, he continued, "protecting your web site with a strong and durable solution that stops this type of attack is a necessity, not a luxury."

The "group test" examined a range of products that protect website integrity and safeguard against even subtle changes that may not be immediately noticed, Marshall said. The "verdict?" The G-Server was designated the "best buy," with the comment that it is "a most complete and effective way of protecting your corporate web presence."

The review is available at www.scmagazine.com/scmagazine/2003_08/test_01/01.html

The G-Server’s proven anti-hacking track record is based on a concept that Gilian pioneered called ExitControl™, designed to keep fraudulent information from ever being published on a website. The company recently introduced application protection features that authenticate incoming HTTP and HTTPS requests and use this same approach to automatically stop an application from performing corrupted transactions. This new feature can protect a company’s precious internal servers, keeping it from malicious hackers who might want to gain access to ruin a business.

About Gilian

Gilian Technologies Inc., a global technology leader in web security, arms businesses against the critical epidemic of website vandalism and sabotage. Gilian’s G-Server keeps websites accurate and available regardless of the origin of a security breach.

The G-Server enables organizations to eliminate the overhead costs typically associated with hacked websites: devastating periods of unavailability, complex debugging processes and costly system administration. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Irvine and has offices throughout the U.S. and internationally. Additional information is available at www.gilian.com or 888-769-2400.


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